Status: Demolished Dec 2013
Completed in 1959, the Shaarey Tzedec Synagogue is highly valued as a symbol of the strength and perseverance of the Jewish community to establish the first synagogue built since the House of Jacob was constructed in 1912. The new Shaarey Tzedec Synagogue was built for $400,000 in just over six months, opening for services in October 1959. (Symbolic value – city-wide significance)
The Shaarey Tzedec Synagogue also has institutional value for its association to the Shaarey Tzedec Congregation Society, who spearheaded development and owned the synagogue for over 30 years. The congregation was Calgary’s first congregation formed in 1912 and one of the earliest Jewish organizations in the city. (Institutional value – city-wide significance)
The Shaarey Tzedec Synagogue is further valued for its design as an integrated complex that reflects the interaction of Jewish spirituality and community. The complex was designed as a multi-purpose space, integrating the sanctuary with recreational and community spaces and meeting rooms. (Design value – city-wide significance)
The Shaarey Tzedec Synagogue is also significant for its stunning and dynamic Modern-style architecture. The sanctuary displays an interest in the value of structure and skin, articulated through its exposed steel structural system supporting a shallow-pitched butterfly roof. (Style value – city-wide significance)
Source: Shaarey Tzedec – Inventory of Historic Resources