Older Industrial Areas

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Older Industrial Areas

Postby newsposter » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:43 am

Prompted in part by the loss last year of 1913 federal elevator in Bonnybrook, the our friends at that Calgary Heritage Authority have been looking more closely at historic industrial sites, and adding them to the heritage inventory www.calgary.ca/heritageinventory; CHI also has some industrial sites on the Heritage Watch list. Coincidentally, there is a report going to City Council September 14, 2013 about the role and state of Calgary's older industrial areas, which remain quite vital and necessary according to the report. No heritage content in the report (that wasn't it's purpose), but one interesting thing is a look at the age of the building stock in these areas. In attachment 2 to the report, there are "Area Profiles". Bonnybrook for example has more than 600,000 square feet of pre-1950 space.

Item 6.2.5 Central Industrial Areas Land Review PUD2013-0570
http://agendaminutes.calgary.ca/sirepub ... ype=AGENDA
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