Calgary Districts: A Research Guide (CPL)

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Calgary Districts: A Research Guide (CPL)

Postby Bob van Wegen » Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:14 pm

The following is courtesy of the Community Heritage and Family History Collection of the Calgary Public Library ... ly-history

htor other information and resources , click here: ... .php?t=171


Calgary Districts: A Research Guide

Information on districts of Calgary can be found in a number of library sources. When searching the library catalogue try these subject headings:

“District name” -- for example: Bowness
“District name” – Planning for example: Inglewood – Planning
Calgary (Alta.) – History
City Planning – Alberta – Calgary
Urban Renewal – Alberta – Calgary

Select Bibliography

Most items are reference and held in the Community Heritage and Family History's Local History room, 4th floor, Central Library

Alberta Community Development. Calgary Atlantic Avenue Inglewood Historical Walking Tours. Alberta, 1999. Call number PAM FILE 971.12338 CAL (Local History only)

Alberta Historic Site Service Driving tour: Inglewood & Mount Royal, Calgary. Edm: Alta., Culture, 1985 Call number PAM FILE 720.9712338 DRI (Local History only)

Allison, Rhonda. Victoria Park: Calgary’s Urban Centre Moves West of the Elbow. Calgary: Century Calgary Publications, 1975. Call number 971.2338 VIC (Local History only)

Banff Trail Community Seniors. From Prairie Grass to City Sidewalks: Stories of the Banff Trail Community. Calgary: Banff Trail Community Seniors, 1999. Call number 971.2338 FRO (Local History and Circulating)

Bowness Historical Committee of the Golden Jubilee. Bowness Golden Jubilee, 1911 – 1961: Fifty Years of Growth. (Bowness, Alta.): (1961). Call number PAM FILE 971.233 BOW (Local History only)

Calgary (Alta). City Planning Department. Community Profiles. Calgary: City of Calgary, 1995. Volumes I and II. Call number R307.760971 COM 1995 (other editions are available in Local History and in Gov. Docs.)

Calgary (Alta). Planning and Building Department. Connaught-Beltline District: A Heritage Walking Tour. Calgary: City of Calgary, (198?). Call number 720.9712338 CON (Circulating) PAM FILE 720.9712338 CON (Local History)

Calgary (Alta) Planning & Building Dept, Mission District: A Heritage Walking Tour. Calgary: City of Calgary, 1985? Call number PAM FILE 720.9712338 MIS (Local History) R720.9712338 MIS (Reference)

Carson Map Company. Platbook of the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Harlingen, Texas: Carson Map Company, 1981, 1976. Call number 912.71233 CAR (Local History only)

Chestermere Historical Society. Saddles, Sleighs and Sadirons. (Calgary:) Chestermere Historical Society, 1971. (Forest Lawn and areas east of Calgary) Call number 971.233 SAD (Local History & Circulating)

Chestermere Historical Society. The Changing Scene: a Supplement to Saddles, Sleighs and Sadirons 1972 – 1978. Chestermere Historical Society, 1978. Call number 971.233 CHA (Local History & Circulating)

Communities of Calgary: From Scattered Towns to a Major City. Calgary: Century Calgary Publications, 1975. (Bowness, Forest Lawn, Glengary-Killarney, North Glenmore Park, Chinatown, Sarcee Park, Wildwood, Inglewood, Ramsay, Victoria Park.) Call number 971.2338 COM (Local History & Circulating)

Communities Six: Calgary Grows to the Northeast and Southwest. Calgary: Century Calgary Publications, 1975. Call number 971.2338 COM (Circulating)

Corbet, Elise A. Calgary’s Mount Royal: A Garden Suburb. Calgary: Planning and Building Department and the Heritage Advisory Board of the City of Calgary, 1994. Call number 711.409712338 COR (Local History & Circulating)

Dawson, J. Brian. Moon Cakes on Gold Mountain: From China to the Canadian Plains. Calgary: Detselig Enterprise, 1991. (Chinatown) Call number 971.23004951 DAW (Local History & Circulating)

DeWinton & District Historical Society Sodbusting to Subdivision (Midnapore) DeWinton: DeWinton& District Historical Committee, 1978. Call number 971.233 SOD (Local History& Circulating)

Ellis, Robert. Inglewood West: An Urban Village for an Inner City Community. Calgary: University of Calgary, 1988. Call number 711.58 ELL (Local History only)

Fedori, Marianne Victoria Park Inventory Calgary: City of Calgary Planning & Building Dept., 1993. Call number OVERSIZE PAM FILE 917.12338 VIC (Local History only)

Foothills Historical Society. Chaps and Chinooks: A History West of Calgary. (Calgary:) Foothills Historical Society, 1976. (Springbank, Jumping Pound) Call number 971.233 CHA (2 volumes) (Local History & Circulating)

Green, Rick. Sunnyside/Hillhurst Building Inventory, 1908 – 1995. Calgary: Community Association of Sunnyside/Hillhurst, (1996?) Call number 720.9712338 GRE (Local History only)

Inglewood: An Historic District. Calgary: Old Town Calgary Society, 1990. Call number 917.12338 ING (Local History only)

Miklos, Audrey. History of St. Andrew’s Heights 1953 – 1978. (Calgary: n.p., 1979?) Call number PAM FILE 917.12338 HIS (Local History only)

Mittelstadt, David. Lindsay’s Estate: A History of Parkview and Erlton. Erlton Community Association, 2001. Call number 971.2338 MIT (Local History & Circulating)
Mittelstadt, David. A Social and Biographical History of Elbow Park. Calgary: Elbow Park’s Residents Association, 2000. Call Number 971.2338 MIT (Local History only)

Mittelstadt, David. A Social History of Cliff Bungalow – Mission. Calgary: Erlton Community Association, 1997. Call number 971.2338 MIT (Local History only)

Nielson, Dorothy. Bowness: Country Homes and Amusements West of Calgary. Calgary: Century Calgary Publications, 1975. Call number 971.2338 NIE (Local History & Circulating)

Ogden Whistle: A History of Millican, Ogden Flats, Maryland, Valleyfield, Bonnybrook, South Hill, Cepeear, Lynwood, Lynwood Ridge, River Glen, Crestwood, CPR Ogden Shops. Calgary: Ogden Area History Committee, 1975. Call number 971.2338 OGD (Local History & Circulating)

Owens, C. A. The Story of Calgary & Tuxedo Park. Calgary: The Land & General Investment Co. Ltd., 1911. Call number PAM FILE 917.12338 STO (Local History only)

Rideau – Roxboro Community Association. Observations, 1883 – 1976. Calgary: Rideau – Roxboro Community Association, (1976). Call number 971.2338 OBS (Local History & Circulating)

Simon, Maurice. Community with a View: A Heritage Tour of Bridgeland – Riverside. Calgary: Bridgeland – Riverside Community Association, 1989. Call number PAM FILE 720.9712338 COM (Local History only)

West Hillhurst Go-Getters. Harvest of Memories: Grand Trunk, West Hillhurst, Calgary. Calgary: West Hillhurst Go-Getters, 1987. Call number 971.2338 HAR (Local History only)

Wooliams, Edith. My Neighbours and Yours. Calgary: Edith Wooliams, 1982. (Rocky Mountain Municpal District: Symons Valley, Beddington) Call number 971.233 WOO (Local History & Circulating)

Other Resources Available

 The Local History collection at CPL has files of clippings taken from local newspapers and magazines. These include a number of files on Calgary districts. Please ask reference staff for access.

 A selection of Community newsletters is housed in the Local History area and may be accessed with help from the reference staff.

 Maps for Calgary and surrounding areas, including some community maps, are housed in the Local History area.

 Calgary Census information and planning documents are kept on the third floor in the Business, Science and Social Science department. Copies of some of these documents are also in the Local History Room. These items are in the catalogue.
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