How to Research Building History

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How to Research Building History

Postby Bob van Wegen » Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:34 am

A brochure from the City of Calgary on researching historic buildings: ... istory.pdf

Go to the link below for a more detailed treatment of the same subject from the Alberta government, including
- How to Research and Evaluate Government and Commercial Building
- How to Research Historic Houses ... /index.asp

Below are tips and resources from the Calgary Public Library's Community Heritage and Family History Collection. For more Local History Room links and resources, go here: ... ly-history ... ?p=283#283

This Old Calgary House -
Resources for Researching the History of your House

The Community Heritage and Family History's Local History room is on the 4th floor of Calgary Public Library’s Central Library branch has a variety of resources to help you find out about the history of your house and to assist you with preservation, restoration and conservation information.

City Directories

Henderson’s city directories for Calgary for 1906 to 1991 are held either in paper or microfiche format. City directories give the name and occupation of the head of the household and sometimes the spouse at a given address. These directories usually include a listing by address. The Local History collection also includes Calgary telephone directories from 1903 to the present.

Historical Photographs

The Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library has a collection of photographs of historic buildings taken in the mid-1960s as well as a collection of postcards from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of the photographs are of historic buildings and notable homes. The postcards are mainly of commercial buildings and hotels but do include grand homes as well as some street views.

Historical Maps

There are a number of historical street maps in the Community Heritage and Family History's Local History room, 4th floor Central Library. Some of the maps show the names of the original landowners. Maps can be used to pinpoint the location of a house and check on the original orientation of streets.

Local Newspapers

Newspapers are useful for finding information about buildings under construction, especially accounts of public buildings as well as notable private residences. Calgary Public Library has a collection of Calgary newspapers on microfilm, including a complete run of the Calgary Herald. Access to the Calgary Herald from 1988 onwards is available online through Canadian Newsstand, a subscription database accessible with a Calgary Public Library card, through the E-Library on our website ( Older issues of Calgary newspapers have been scanned by the Alberta Heritage Digitization Project and can be viewed at their website -

Tips for Locating Library Resources

Information on the history of Calgary and its built environment can be accessed through the library’s catalogue. Subject headings to search include:

Architecture – Alberta – History
Architecture – Canada – History
Architecture – Conservation and restoration
Architecture – Domestic – Alberta
Architecture – Domestic – Designs and plans - Catalogs
Calgary (Alta) – Buildings, Structures, etc
Dwellings – Alberta – History
Dwellings – Historiography
Farm dwellings - Canada
Historic buildings -- Alberta – Calgary
Historic buildings – Alberta – Calgary – Pictorial works
Historic buildings – Alberta – Calgary – Conservation and restoration
Housing – Alberta - History
Also see the names of particular buildings e.g. Patrick Burns House

The Local History room also keeps clippings from newspapers and magazines. Of interest to researchers of historic buildings are the biography files, the buildings files and the files on Calgary districts.

Other Local Resources

The City of Calgary Heritage Authority evaluates potential heritage sites and maintains an “Inventory of Potential Heritage Sites” on their website, as well as reviewing all planning permit applications that may affect designated and potential heritage buildings.

The Glenbow Museum Library and Archives is an important resource for any research on the history of Calgary. Their holdings include Henderson’s and other city directories, an extensive photograph collection, much of which has been digitized, historic street maps, fire insurance maps as well as clippings files.

Glenbow Museum Library and Archives

130 9th Avenue SE
Calgary Alberta T2G 0P3
(403) 268-4197 – Library
(403) 268-4204 – Archives

The City of Calgary , Corporate Records, Archives is another important resources for the house history researcher. The Archives has a limited number of Henderson’s directories and a collection of fire insurance maps, as well as other resources. ... hives.aspx

City of Calgary , Corporate Records, Archives
313 7th Avenue SE
Main Floor

(403) 268-8180
Mailing Address: Mail Code #8007, P.O. Box 2100, Station M, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5

The University of Calgary has a collection of air photos dating back to 1924. Some of these have been digitized. They also have a collection of about 200,000 map sheets.

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Conservation and restoration

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Plan books and catalogue houses

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Web resources

A guide to researching building history
A detailed guide to finding information about historical buildings from the City of Calgary Archives ... _FINAL.PDF

“The "Inventory of Potential Heritage Sites" is a list of sites that have been evaluated by the Calgary Heritage Authority according to the Council-approved Heritage Evaluation Procedure, on the basis of their historical, architectural, and contextual significance. Preservation of these sites is considered to be to the greater benefit of Calgarians.” ... lgary.aspx

Alberta Heritage Digitization Project
Digitized copies of local histories and newspapers

Canadian Architectural Archives
Collection of the work of twentieth-century Canadian architects at the University of Calgary
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