CHI's Annual General Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, May 2, 2018  7-9PM

WHERE: cSpace King Edward, Studio Theater, 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary

SPEAKER:  Reid Henry, President and CEO at cSPACE Projects will share the inspiring story of adaptive reuse of the 1912  King Edward School.  Appointed as the first President and CEO of cSPACE Projects, Reid is leading the development of a network of large scale, multi-disciplinary creative workspaces in Calgary, Alberta. The award-winning flagship project of cSPACE is the redevelopment of a 3 acre, inner city site including artist studios, rehearsal space, non-profit program offices, coworking space, cafe, meeting/event venues, new public park and private sector residential development.

REGISTRATION: Watch for details in our April e-News and check back here for details. 


WHEN: May 4-6, 2018   

For details, visit  Jane's Walks Calgary

On Sunday May 6th, 1-2:30 PM, Join CHI's walk and conversation about the future of the historic Nimmons House in Bankview. 




TALK: Booze, Broads & Brothels... A History of Calgary’s (Almost) Oldest Profession, in the era of the North West Mounted Police and railway settlement. 

Notoriously known as the booze, brothel and gambling capital of the Canadian West, early Calgary was home to dozens of entrepreneurial sex workers. Kimberley Williams, Associate Professor of Woman’s and Gender Studies, Mount Royal University, introduced  a few of these dynamic women, whose clients were the miners, ranchers, NWMP officers, and CPR railmen considered the “mavericks” of Alberta’s pioneering past. A walking tour based on this talk is will be offered at 1 PM on April 28, 2018 through the Calgary Public Library, Central Branch. For more info, go to

WHEN: 7-9 PM Tuesday, January 23 2018

PARTNERS: The Chinook Country Historical Society in partnership with the Calgary Public Library and Calgary Heritage Initiative

CHI's top endangered site for 2018 is the Inglewood Brewery. The brewery supplied  the bars and brothels of the era. To learn more, and find out what you can do, see CHI's Inglewood Brewery Fact Sheet on our Heritage Watch Page. 

Are you interested in investigating which of Calgary’s historic railway era hotels and lodges might have served the sex trade? Consider writing a story for 150 Stories project. See  for more details or email us at

PHOTO CREDIT: Glenbow, 1911. Houses of ill repute located near railway track approximately 50 yards north of railway bridge over Bow River.

WORKSHOP: Your Home's History          

WHEN: Saturday November 4, 2017

PARTNERS: Calgary Public Library, The Glenbow , and City of Calgary 

This workshop explored resources to help you uncover the history of your house.   Presenters were Christine Hayes, Calgary Public Library,  Carol Stokes, Archivist from City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives and Lindsay Moir, Librarian, Glenbow Library and Archives.

WORKSHOP: Demystifying Designation with Lorna Cordeiro, Leslie Robertson, Laura Pasecreta and Halyna Tataryn

PHOTO: William J. Gray Residence in Hillhurst,  1912

WHEN: November 18, 2017  

PARTNERS: City of Calgary and the Calgary Heritage Authority

Our third heritage designation workshop, featured homeowners who have had their properties designated and heritage experts familiar with the designation procedure.  Four speakers shared their designation stories and covered topics such as selling unused residential density, generating transferable residential density and taking advantage of City of Calgary and Provincial grant programs.  The presentations and discussions explained everything you need to know about historical designation from people who have experienced it. Have you heard that designating a building is overly restrictive and reduces market value? Our panel of heritage experts dispelled some of these myths surrounding designation and presented information on the resources available to preserve and protect your heritage home or building.   

View the presentation slides here:  Demystifying Designation

CHI Celebrated Canada’s 150th by relating the Railway era immigration experience and its historic built heritage to immigration today




Top 10 Endangered Sites & Issues by Chris Edwards, CHI Vice President and Heritage Watch Chair                  

WHEN:  7-8 PM Thursday Aug 3, 2017 

PARTNER: Chinook Country Historic Society, Historic Calgary Week

Chris's 2017 Countdown of Calgary's Top 10 Endangered Sites (and issues)

10. Western irrigation headworks including the headgate and pump house. 1912. This is a great example of industrial heritage in the city.

 9. Inglewood Bridge. 1908.

 8. Stampede corral, 1950.

 7. 17th Avenue heritage- Jalland block, Condon Block, 800 block. These are all owned by Arlington Street and slated to be torn down and replaced.

 6. Olympic Plaza, 1987. One of the biggest concerns for people will be what happens to the 22,000 bricks, inscribed with names and messages.

 5. Heritage designation. Designation itself seems to be in danger. Council has de-designated a protected heritage site, allowing for loss of protection, a waste of the resources that went into assessment in the first place, and sets a precedent.

 4. Bill C323. This bill is in danger of not passing. Bills such as this have been very successful elsewhere, providing additional jobs, tax revenue, restored character buildings, and providing a wide range of housing.

 3. Enoch Sales house. 1904.

 2. Calgary Brewing and Malting, 1894-19802. One of the dangers is that it is hard to understand the site. There is a large collection of original sandstone buildings, but they have all been covered up by later buildings. They're still in there! This is another good example of industrial heritage in Calgary. A site that many can relate to, and have fond memories of. There is great potential for a mixed use brewery district here.

 1. Heritage streetscapes and character homes.