Contractors with heritage experience

Contractors with heritage experience

Postby Admin » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:33 pm

We have been getting some emails from contractors with heritage experience as well as emails from people looking for such contractors due to flood damage. As we don't have first hand experience with them we cannot "vouch" for them, but we are posting them here as a way to pass on the word (in no particular order):

Zac Abbott

Dear Sir/Madam
I heard on the news the the potential lack of contractors with
experience working on older buildings.
I own a company, Abbott Carpentry here in Calgary. Previous to here
the company was trading in the U.K. where I first did my
apprenticeship specializing in historic restoration. Since then I have
worked predominately on historic or heritage buildings. These have
ranged from shoring and roofing a 17 century church tower to
converting stable yards into 21st century offices.
If anyone is looking for such skills I would be pleased to be of

David Swan


I work with EllisDon Consulting and specialize in restoration of
older buildings. My last restoration was a church in Toronto which
received an honourable mention for our restoration from the Ontario
Architecture Society. I would like to speak to someone with regards to
the restoration of flood damaged buildings and our availability to
assist with their rehabilitation. Please email or call me at
519-703-1647. I am currently in Calgary assisting on insurance related
claims. Thank you.

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Re: Contractors with heritage experience

Postby Val Jobson » Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:19 pm

Government of Alberta has advice about hiring contractors in general; presumably it would apply to heritage contractors as well:

Other advice:
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Re: Contractors with heritage experience

Postby LuvYourColour » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:50 pm

Hello Heritage Home Owners!
I have recently relocated to Calgary, and am a Colour Consultant. As a volunteer role, outside of my work, I enjoyed working as a member of The Design Review Panel in Fernie, B.C. recently. Quite often the project we were to review required following the Historic Guidelines, which of course allowed me to use my knowledge of paint colour and finishes to help maintain the Historic charm of the area, while following the Historic Guidelines.
It is something that I think can never be valued enough. Yes, I love and enjoy modern architecture and design, but I believe a combination in a large city is invaluable.
If your in need of a Colour Consultant for your next project, I would be pleased to discuss working with you.
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