Heritage Roundtable June 17 - the rivers that shape Calgary

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Heritage Roundtable June 17 - the rivers that shape Calgary

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Next Heritage Roundtable Discussion

June 17th, 2010
7:00 PM at the Water Centre, 25th Avenue and Spiller Road SE

The Rivers that Shaped Calgary

Register online at http://www.calgarycommunities.com/events.php (look for Roundtable in the drop-down menu) or phone 403-244-4111

The next Community Heritage Roundtable is on The Rivers that Shaped Calgary. June 17th, 7:00 PM at the Water Centre, 625 25th Avenue SE (25th and Spiller Rd). This FREE event will explore the water ways of Calgary; the rivers around us and the manner these riverine landscapes have both influenced and been shaped by the communities around us. Through presentations and discussion we hope to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of these water ways as heritage landscapes. Speakers and Titles Confirmed to date:

Iris Morgan
Calgary River Lots, 1883

The first sectional survey of Calgary by Dominion Land Surveyors in 1883, incorporated river lots within the township grid we use today. Although short-lived, the evidence of these river lots raises questions about early settlement near the confluence of the Elbow and the Bow, prior to the arrival of the CPR.

John Gilpin
Glenmore Dam and the Elbow River

John Gilpin's presentation will begin with an overview of the early efforts to put the Elbow River to use as Calgary's water supply before the construction of the Glenmore Dam. A discussion with illustrations of its engineering, social and political history will follow along with comments on its long term impact on the Elbow River and Calgary in general.

Bill Longstaff
The Naming of Scollen Bridge

Who is Scollen, and why was one of Mission's bridges recently named for him?

Howard Heffler
Parks Foundation, Calgary
The Bow River Weir and Harvie Passage

The weir across the Bow River in Inglewood was originally built in 1908 by the CPR to encourage settlement in the west. It was replaced in 1912 with a concrete weir and then rebuilt by PFRA at the current location and configuration in 1975. There have been several drownings in the deadly hydraulic wave created by the weir. Parks Foundation, Calgary began in 2000 to have this area transformed into an attractive and safe park amenity. Harvie Passage, named in honour of the family that was the principal private funder, will be complete in 2011. The speaker will explain the history of the weir and the story behind the current re-construction.
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