Singapore aims to capture its history, 'messiness' and all

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Singapore aims to capture its history, 'messiness' and all

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Singapore aims to capture its history, 'messiness' and all


Singapore (CNN) -- Dr. George Khoo vividly remembers the opium dens.
Fifty years ago, they lined the street just down from his small Singapore clinic. It was the time just before independence in 1965, before the shiny skyscrapers, velvet freeways and almost-painfully spotless streets.
Many of his patients were addicts struggling to unhook, he writes. Many would not come to the clinic. He had to go into the dens to find and treat them.

"It was hard treating them in the pitch darkness," he recalled. "I had to call out their names and they would call out to me. I would then give the injection, but I never really knew for sure who exactly I was treating."
Khoo's gritty memories have been captured as part of a unique, crowdsourced history project that Singapore has commissioned ahead of its 50th anniversary of independence in 2015.

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